Miscellaneous STI Pictures

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Miscellaneous Pictures

The wedding announcement.
The day finally came! The wedding was beautiful, then it was off to Hawaii! See Eric's travel picture page for more pictures of the wedding and honeymoon.
Before the 2007 season, Rachel's sister joined us in an SCCA sponsored auto-x driving school. It took one class, now she is also hooked. Sarah pilots one of Rachel's former cars, a yellow 2005 Toyota Celica with matching license plate - YELICA. Even when it is hot and muggy, racing keeps both of them smiling!
You may or may not have already read this on my travel picture page but in Dec 2006 Rachel and I spent a week in Paris. On her birthday I gave her a present then took her to dinner to celebrate. After dinner we continued the celebration by visiting her favorite landmark in Paris, the Eiffel tower. Once we made it up the tower, I divulged the REAL reason we were in Paris - I asked her to marry me!
Article about Rachel in the October 2006 issue of Auto Age USA - by Jonathan Mark.
70mph, 1" the off ground? Sign us up!
My first Christmas with Rachel. 16 years of racing and I FINALLY own a helmet.
Oh man, carrying this for her is down right embarrassing! A cool birthday gift from her racing buddies.
Article about Rachel in the November 2005 issue of Sportscar magazine - by Phil Osborne.
Rachel with just one of the types of cars she drove during her week at the Marlboro driving school. Did I mention her helmet and gloves are signed by Rick Mears? Yeah, he was there too. - 2004
Rachel has owned several Ford Mustangs, including a '91 LX hatchback and a '96 GT. Her mom still owns a '69 302 fastback she purchased when new. When I met Rachel she had a '90 GT Convertible that she sold just before we got married. Known as the "Barbie car" it had a license plate (BRB-CAR) to match.
I told you she had a need for speed. Yes, she has a license.
Most of the auto cross pictures of our cars are thanks to http://www.autocrosspictures.net